Social Media Mentor is a digital magazine for business owners and professionals, entrepreneurs and companies, who want to use social media to grow their businesses.

It is for anyone who wants to use social media in a smarter way.

Social Media Mentor gives you clear, practical steps you can take to get yourself found…not by millions of “fans” who aren’t even in your target market, but by thousands of people who fit your ideal customer profile.

Each issue provides expert advice, answers to nagging questions, and step-by-step tutorials to guide your social media efforts:

  • How to create a laser-sharp social media strategy focused on your ideal customers
  • Mistakes to avoid when investing time and resources in using social media to grow your business
  • How to develop content that distinguishes you and your company from the competition, and positions you as a trustworthy expert
  • Tactics for keeping your head above water in the tsunami of social media spin
  • Best practices for integrating your real world networking and traditional marketing with your social media program

If you want to attract your ideal customers by sharing educational, problem-solving information, you’ll love reading Social Media Mentor.

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